Over 170 clients have landed jobs
… in the past 7 years!
50% of clients who landed...
were over 50.
On the job coaching
When you land your new job, or are coming up for that big review, I can help you navigate and negotiate for the salary and position you deserve.

Find the right new job

My “job” is supporting you and coaching you to find the right job, at the right level and at the right compensation. Fortunately I have been able to do that for the vast majority of my clients over the last 10 years.
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Candid, caring coaching

In my mind, confidentiality is the most important underpinning of a coaching relationship. Truly caring about my clients and their success is next. And last is candor which means being very frank about what is needed for you to improve.
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As a GetFive Master Coach, I lead small groups and provide coaching using their proven techniques for career development and transition. GetFive has helped over 100,000 professionals improve their careers and find jobs.
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  • You should consider raising your rates because I feel I got a terrific amount of value for the money.
    Randy Cox, VP Operations
  • Successfully managing my career search in today's difficult market was a daunting experience. Working with Bill was rewarding. He is focused, accessible and responsive to your individual needs.
    Sven Saller, VP Sales
  • Bill is kind, straightforward, has a great sense of humor, and knows his business.
    Beth Fitz Gibbon, VP Sales and Marketing
  • You have the capacity to help people think clearly and focus on effective strategies and your upbeat attitude was invaluable.
    Jim Baldino, VP Sales
  • Working with Bill, my resume became clearer, more articulate and in four weeks, landed the executive position that I was seeking.
    Bob Schwartz, Director of Global Marketing
  • I got more value in two hours than weeks at a major outplacement firm.
    Joe Vetrano, CIO
  • Bill's easy going approach and sense of humor help when focusing your search. He's very responsive to phone calls and e-mails. He's always in my corner.
    Jill Campbell, Marketing