A Twist On “To Do” Lists

I have read a number of articles about how successful people organize their day and one point really popped for me.

First, they think about what they are NOT going to do each day. I said, to myself, this is brilliant!  We all know those “NOT’S” are the very things that make us less productive and effective.  Like: Constantly monitoring your email, or responding to emails that are not the least bit urgent, or monitoring your favorite on line news or sports channel, or doing something for your boss that she  clearly does not need done today.

So, what would be a practical way to implement this?  Here is my idea: when you develop your daily “To Do” list, list the 2-3 things you ARE NOT going to do today and put them at the top of your list in CAPITAL LETTERS.

I have personally started to do this and I have say, it really works.  I have already stopped checking my email every three minutes!

Would love to hear if it works for you.